When tragedy struck Tampa Bay in 1983 with one of the worst hailstorms
in history, ASC rapidly became a household name throughout Pinellas
County. As a company that believes in helping people, ASC not only
repaired hundreds of roofs and screens, but also had a calming presence
for their customers.

Business developed well through the 1980’s, allowing the company to add
more crews, a foreman, and a sales force. In addition, technological
developments offered the aluminum industry better materials. Then,
another natural disaster, (this time a tornado) tore through Tampa Bay
in the early 1990’s, devastating communities. ASC, working with
insurance adjusters, came to the rescue, helping to clean up the
battered community and rebuilding many homes in the area.

Most of ASC’s business comes from home remodeling and service. The
business has expanded beyond carports, roofovers, and screen enclosures,
to also providing vinyl siding, replacement windows, and room additions.
The company has also expanded to commercial projects and remodeling
residential homes.

Although the aluminum business is extremely competitive, ASC rises to
the top becuase of its name. ASC is known as a fair, friendly, hard
working organization that gets the job done with quality work and
respectful attitudes.

ASC attributes much of its reputation to their team of employees. ASC
appreciates the wonderful work of their crews. The feeling is mutual as
attested by the men’s longevity with the organization. ASC makes sure
the crews get to their jobs and receive the right materials.

Our sales people and office help are of the best quality as we have
received many compliments from our customers, and they have expressed
their appreciation for a professional and no-high-pressure approach.

From supplying vinyl siding to replacing windows, soffit and fascia,
room additions and also all types of hurricane protection, including
accordion shutters, rolldown shutters, storm panels and impact glass
windows and doors, which can be seen in our showroom at 7420 Park Blvd.

In the future, ASC will continue to do high quality work with high
quality products and treat our customers in a respectful and fair manner
as we would want to be treated.


ASC license number is C-11631