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Choosing Hurricane Shutters

While Florida is known for its idyllic weather – there are risks to living here just like anywhere else. While our northern friends deal with piles of snow and our friends to the Midwest and south get to deal with earthquakes and tornados – us lucky southerners get the very serious business of having to prepare for Hurricanes. Choosing hurricane shutters is an important part of living here.

There are a lot of things you can do to protect your home from Hurricanes – and if you’re new to the area, you’re probably just beginning to wade through what you need to do in case the worst happens. One component of hurricane protection are the kinds of Hurricane Shutters you use to cover your windows – and that’s going to be the topic of today’s blog. Here are some of the different kinds of hurricane windows and how they protect you.

Let’s jump right in when choosing hurricane shutters!

Fabric Panels

Don’t be fooled by the name! Fabric Panels are far more effective against hurricane force winds than they sound! They can stand up to category-5 winds and even better – they’re as easy to deploy and store as they come. They come with clips, hooks or whatever you find most convenient. And once the storm has passed, they roll up for easy storage and take up a limited amount of storage space.

Accordion Shutters

Designed for those who don’t want the hassle of putting up their shudders and taking them down, accordion shutters are built into your home and can be deployed either by hand or electrically. Once the danger passes, you simply open them back up again and they recoil tightly and discreetly so as not to take away from the aesthetic of your home. They’re usually used best with large patio openings, balconies, doors and low set, wide-angle windows.

Bahama & Colonial Shutters

These shutters are commonly associated with homes in more tropical settings and with good cause. You see them in abundance for a reason – and that’s because they work and they’re affordable. They also have a practical application – as they’re generally great at keeping homes cooler and less exposed to sunlight. So in a place like Florida – their use extends beyond simply protecting the home in the even of a storm.

Colonial shutters are popular just about everywhere in the country – but in recent years have become regarded as more decoration than protection. Here in Florida – they still have legitimate application and operate just as they used to – swinging open to the left and right of the window – and being fastened when closed to prevent banging. They still work and come in a variety of materials – and they’ll give you a unique, old world aesthetic that other shutters simply won’t. So if you’re looking for protection and panache – colonial shutters may be for you.

Roll Shutters

Speaking of things changing over time – roll shutters are all the rage with new homes. And they do exactly what their name says they do. They’re designed so you can’t see them from the road – and in the event of a storm or other issue, the homeowner simply uses a remote control to open and close them. Sturdy as they are practical – they’re becoming more of a staple in new home construction than ever before.

With all the options you have in front of you – there’ no reason you shouldn’t be protected heading forward! If you’re looking for an estimate – give us a call and we’ll help you find a model of shutter than fits best for you.