The three most important things to consider with mobile home maintenance

Mobile homes have a ton of advantages over traditionally built houses – and some of those are not limited to both their affordability and their mobility. However, just like anything you own – they’ll require mobile home maintenance and as such – there will be staple items that you must keep an eye on – some of which we’re going to discuss today.

Here are some tips to make mobile home maintenance a little bit easier and easier to manage. Let’s jump right in!

Prioritize roof care

They call it a ‘roof over your head’ for a reason – as it’s the first line of defense against outside elements. Keeping your roof in good repair is one of the most important things you’ll have to consider. 

For one – mobile homes have flat roofs, by in-large. That means debris build up, water buildup and the like. Accumulations of any type need to be removed quickly and if not attended to – can cause significant issues in a short period of time.

Any ‘ongoing mobile home maintenance’ program you put together needs to have someone coming out to your home annually to take a peek at the roof. This will help you identify any issues before they become significant and/or severe problems later on down the road. 

Regular mobile home maintenance inspections

Building off of our first suggestion – get an annual checkup or inspection of your mobile home. Might seem weird or excessive; but mobile homes – as cool as they are – can be a little ore exposed to potential problems than more traditional homes – problems that if left attended – can go from zero to one hundred in a hurry. So just make sure that at least at one point during the year – you have a relative handle on where the essentials with your mobile home stand. 


This is everyone’s favorite topic we’re sure – but it’s important. Mobile homes have slightly different plumbing from traditional homes – but the concept is the same. Pipes are under the home, but instead of being in the walls, they’re fastened to the floor. Because of their relative orientation to the ground; building codes can vary wildly depending on what part of the country you’re in. Not only will this play a role in construction, but also maintenance and problem solving. Make sure you’ve got a rock solid understanding on what you need to know before deciding what community to settle down in. 

So if you’re thinking of owning a mobile home – always be thinking about the roof and your plumbing. And for everything else – get a regular inspection. Staying on these three things can save you heaps of money, time and anxiety. Good luck!