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Simple improvements that can transform the look of your mobile home

When people think of mobile homes, they often think of trailer parks and poor quality, but the reality in 2019 is nowhere close to that. Today’s mobile homes look almost nothing like their 20th century ancestors and have the ability to look as nice as any ‘real home’ on the market.

If you’re thinking of making a mobile home ‘your home’ – then we have some tips for you today that can dramatically boost the value and aesthetic feel of your purchase. Here are some of our secrets to making mobile homes look like real houses.

Let’s jump right in.

Infrastructure changes

Don’t let the ‘I’ word scare you. Infrastructure can mean a lot of different things – but mainly we mean a lot of the aesthetic functionality of your more essential components. For example – think about the doors of a mobile home. Usually out of the factory, they’re hollow and cheap. A door is something you can size and even install on your own and totally change both the quality and look and feel of the home.

Windows is another fix (although not a DIY project) you can make that can transform the look of your home. By upgrading your windows – you not only add style, but you can save a few bucks in the process by becoming more energy efficient.

Also consider things like the pitch of your roof. The less flat the roof is – not only is it better for the house, but it looks a lot better, too. And on mobile homes you’ll have a ton of materials and a relatively smaller surface area to work with, which means you’ll spend significantly less than you would on a larger roof.

Interior and exterior touches

When it comes to the interior of your home, this is where you can make massive improvements on a budget. Things like simple light fixture covers, new door knobs on interior doors, replacing blinds with curtains and the like might seem like nothing on the surface – but make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home.

The exterior of your home shouldn’t be taken for granted, either. Here, you can simply add trim around your doors or shudders around your windows and all of a sudden, your house takes on an entirely new appearance. If your home is raised, it’s also worth it to consider things like skirting – where there’s a plethora of options to consider. Not only will it add structure to your design, but it’ll add some texture as well.

Landscaping for your mobile home

The space around your home can sometimes be just as important as the home itself. It’s certainly the source of what real estate agents call ‘curb appeal’. Don’t let things like planting flower gardens and shrubs pass by your ‘to do’ list. With the right selection of plants and flowers – you’ll watch your home go from ‘motor home next door’ to ‘cozy cottage’ in no time.

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