Brand Refresh

July 13, 2023

Logo Exploration

Old Logo

New Version 1

asc aluminum

New Version 2 

asc aluminum

ASC Aluminium: Bold. Modern. Professional. Making Your Vision a Reality.

Our new ASC wordmark embodies the essence of boldness, modernity, and professionalism. With a high-impact font, it conveys a clear and distinct message that leaves a lasting impression. Our brand represents the commitment to turning your vision into reality, providing exceptional aluminium solutions with precision and expertise. Our logo reflects our dedication to excellence, innovation, and a forward-thinking approach. Get ready to experience the power of ASC Aluminium – where boldness meets professionalism in every project we undertake.

Original Logo

Updated Logo

asc aluminum

Updated Logo

The horizontal shape of ASC Aluminium’s wordmark brings practical benefits by allowing for easy integration across various platforms, such as websites, signage, and promotional materials, providing a consistent and cohesive brand presence. With a boxy aesthetic, the wordmark exudes a sense of solidity and stability, visually representing the company’s commitment to delivering durable and reliable aluminium solutions.

asc aluminum

With its strong and impactful letterforms, the chosen typeface sets the stage for a brand that confidently stands out in the industry. The typography creates a lasting impression, conveying professionalism and a modern aesthetic that aligns perfectly with ASC Aluminium’s vision and values.

ASC Aluminium’s new wordmark combines boldness, professionalism, and a captivating aesthetic to make a lasting impression in the industry.

Colour Palette Inspiration

Colour Palette

ASC Aluminum’s color palette exudes a bold and professional aura, with Deep Maroon representing strength and longevity, Deep Navy Blue signifying trust and expertise, and Pure White evoking purity and modernity. The striking contrast of Pure Black adds sophistication and authority, while Off White introduces warmth and visual hierarchy. Together, these dynamic colors create a memorable visual identity that commands attention and instills confidence in ASC Aluminum’s commitment to excellence.
deep maroon
deep navy blue
pure white

pure black

off white
asc aluminum
asc aluminum


asc aluminum
asc aluminum
asc aluminum
asc aluminum hat
asc aluminum shirt

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