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All about interior doors

Interior doors are an important part of your home’s overall aesthetic and despite not being ‘on the curb’ can have a tremendous impact on a house’s overall ‘curb appeal.’ While it’s often easy to overlook these aspects of a home, they can be incredibly meaningful additions to a house.

If you’re thinking about changing things up on the inside of your house, we have a few things for you to think about. Let’s jump right in.

Is your reason a good one?

The best thing you can do when thinking about replacing interior doors is to consider the cohesion each door has with your space. Is it tying your space together? When it comes to older homes, is the space changed up room to room? How’s the painting fit, does the make and model add up to something that’s aesthetically pleasing? Doors are designed to tie things together as much as they are to divide spaces, so be wary of why you’re changing your doors and what you’re looking to accomplish.

What type of door are you considering?

There are all sorts of doors – that aside from aesthetic qualities – can serve a particular purpose. For example, solid wood doors are great if you’re looking to stop sound traveling from one room to the next. Fire resistant doors protect and isolate and their functionality should be considered way before their overall look. So don’t just think of the ‘how does my house look’ component of your door decision – but how it actually functions in your home and what purpose it serves.

Don’t forget the trim

Doors are often brought to life due to their surroundings. Simply put – replacing a door isn’t just a matter of getting rid of what’s on the hinges and replacing it with something new – it’s a matter of replacing the trim and what’s around it. This alone can add up to some hidden costs and additional things for you to consider.

Getting the right contractor

Not all contractors are considered equal and some have certain strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to ask for a portfolio and get for yourself a good look at what they’ve done and think about the things we’re mentioning. Getting someone who’s particularly good at doors can save a lot of time, money and effort – and the results are 100% better. So be careful about who you choose to do your work.

Nothing can breathe new life into your interior quite like your door selections but never forget that that decision is a big one. If you’re considering a new look for the interior of your home, shoot us a call and we’ll be sure to give you a consultation.