Understanding the Average Cost of Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the nuances of roll-down hurricane shutters, exploring their benefits, factors influencing cost, and providing insights into what homeowners can expect to invest in securing their properties. In regions prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, such as Florida, protecting your home is of paramount importance. Among the various options available, roll-down hurricane shutters stand out as a popular choice for homeowners seeking effective storm protection. However, determining the average cost of these shutters can be complex, as it depends on several factors. 

Understanding Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters:

Roll-down hurricane shutters, also known as rolling shutters or roll-up shutters, offer a convenient and effective solution for storm protection. These shutters are typically made of durable materials such as aluminum or steel and are designed to cover windows and doors, providing a barrier against high winds, flying debris, and water intrusion during hurricanes and severe storms. Unlike some other types of shutters, roll-down shutters are permanently installed above openings and can be easily deployed with the push of a button or manually using a crank handle.

Benefits of Roll-Down Shutters:

Roll-down hurricane shutters offer several advantages for homeowners seeking reliable storm protection:

  • Convenience: With their motorized or manual operation, roll-down shutters can be quickly deployed when needed, providing instant protection without the need for manual installation.
  • Durability: Constructed from sturdy materials, roll-down shutters are built to withstand hurricane-force winds, impact from flying debris, and other extreme weather conditions, offering long-term durability and peace of mind.
  • Security: In addition to storm protection, roll-down shutters can enhance home security by acting as a deterrent against intruders and protecting windows and doors from forced entry attempts.
  • Energy Efficiency: Roll-down shutters can also help improve energy efficiency by providing an additional layer of insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Factors Influencing Cost:

The cost of roll-down hurricane shutters can vary significantly depending on several factors, including:

  • Size and Quantity: The size and number of windows and doors requiring protection will impact the overall cost of installation. Larger openings or homes with numerous windows and doors may require more extensive shutter systems, resulting in higher costs.
  • Material and Quality: Roll-down shutters are available in various materials, including aluminum, steel, and high-impact polycarbonate. The choice of material will influence both the cost and durability of the shutters, with higher-quality materials typically commanding a higher price.
  • Features and Options: Additional features such as motorized operation, remote control access, and integrated storm sensors can enhance the functionality and convenience of roll-down shutters but may also increase the upfront cost of installation.
  • Installation Complexity: The complexity of the installation process, including factors such as building structure, accessibility, and any necessary modifications, can affect the overall cost of installing roll-down shutters.

Average Cost Estimates:

While the cost of roll-down hurricane shutters can vary widely based on the factors mentioned above, it’s helpful to provide some average cost estimates to give homeowners a general idea of what to expect:

  • Basic Aluminum Shutters: On the lower end of the price spectrum, basic aluminum roll-down shutters typically range from $20 to $30 per square foot, including materials and installation. However, prices may vary based on location and supplier.
  • High-End Steel Shutters: For homeowners seeking maximum durability and security, high-end steel roll-down shutters can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 per square foot or more, depending on the size and complexity of the installation.
  • Motorized and Remote-Controlled Options: Adding motorized operation and remote control access to roll-down shutters can increase the overall cost by an additional $500 to $1,500 per window or door, depending on the desired features and customization.
  • Installation Costs: Installation costs for roll-down shutters typically range from $50 to $100 per hour, with the total cost depending on the complexity of the installation and any additional services required, such as electrical work or structural modifications.

It’s important to note that these are average cost estimates and actual prices may vary based on individual factors such as location, supplier, and specific project requirements. Additionally, homeowners should consider the long-term value and benefits of investing in quality roll-down hurricane shutters, which can provide invaluable protection and peace of mind during severe weather events.


Roll-down hurricane shutters offer homeowners in hurricane-prone regions like Florida a reliable and convenient solution for storm protection. While the cost of installation can vary based on several factors, including size, material, features, and installation complexity, investing in quality shutters is essential for safeguarding your property and loved ones during hurricanes and severe storms. By understanding the average cost of roll-down hurricane shutters and considering the various factors influencing pricing, homeowners can make informed decisions to protect their homes and enjoy greater peace of mind in the face of extreme weather. Contact us today.