Simple, cost-effective mobile home renovations

Mobile homes are a great option for people looking to live in their own home on a budget OR save a significant amount of money. Inevitably, as is the case with any home – you’ll want to make some changes and renovations as time goes on. We’ll dive into cost-effective mobile home renovations.

This month’s blog is going to hopefully share out some ideas with you to get your brain going on what some of the possibilities might be. There is virtually no limit to the things you can do, but here are some popular ideas to inspire you!

Stripping the walls

Or maybe de-strip the walls? Mobile homes are usually made quickly and as you can imagine, and it should go without saying that manufacturers put up sheets of pre-wallpapered drywall to make sure they can churn the home out fast enough. To cover joints, they’ll put little strips over the gaps, which of course – is covered over with the same wallpaper.

To say the least, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing thing. You might want to consider stripping the strips off the wall and replacing them with some other finish. Breadboard is a popular, affordable material that looks FANTASTIC in mobile settings. At the very least, I’ll make your home feel a whole lot less ‘put together.’


Mobile homes are made fast, but more often than not, they’re made cheap. With that in mind, pretty flooring isn’t always front of mind. Usually they just drop a huge roll of lino down and call it a day – before they even put the walls up.

Sure, it’s a beast to pull up, but once you do you can do just about anything. One of the most popular solutions is hardwood flooring (yes, we said that) – which not only looks great, but thanks to your smaller surface area – won’t cost as much as you’d think. That’s a significant upgrade to your home that won’t cost an arm and a leg!

Crown molding

Most baseboards in mobile homes are simply strips that can peel off the wall. No fun, cheap and.. it looks bad. Installing crown molding in a mobile home is literally one of the easiest and most affordable improvements you can make that’ll make a big difference in the appearance of your home. Budget friendly and a big impact – those are our kinds of projects!

While it isn’t always easy to dress up a mobile home, the results are almost always worth the effort and investment! Are you considering mobile home renovations? Call us and we’ll schedule a free consultation!