More benefits of vinyl siding

There are even more benefits to vinyl siding when it comes to your mobile home in Florida. We often tell our customers that the appearance and functionality of the materials you use on the outside of your home are critical to its value. That’s why when you’re considering whether you want to reside your home or not, that you take a look at all the available options out there – and trust us – there’s a lot!

There are so many materials to choose from and all come with significant benefits and detractors. In our experience though – it’s been vinyl siding that’s been the most popular and there’s good reason for that. Here are a few reasons why vinyl is so popular and how it can help your home. Let’s jump right in!

Low maintenance

Lots of materials are supposed to be low maintenance, but few actually are. Vinyl truly shines in this case. Its surface is such that color won’t peep, chip or flake. In the event that you do get some discoloration from dirt, algae and the like, it’s easy to clean. Whatever maintenance needs to be done, is done quickly and easily.

Water resistant

Vinyl Is a plastic and just like any other plastic – it’s not effected in the least by moisture. That’s especially good news if you live in a damp, cold or wet region of the country. And unlike metal and wood – it won’t shrink, warp, rust or rot. Ditto for mold and fungus, which will also save you money.

Pest resistant

Everyone knows how bad pest problems can become – particularly termites and carpenter ants. Vinyl siding keeps them out and keep the integrity of the structure of your home in-tact. This comes in especially handy when you live in a rural area where critters and bugs are commonplace.

Easy to install

Vinyl is one of the easiest improvements that can be made to a home. It’s lightweight and is cut into long sections that mostly snap into place. The result is a home being covered quickly, which significantly cuts down on labor costs to get it installed.

It’s good for the environment

Vinyl won’t rot or decompose and can be recycled. Leftover siding and pieces can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and then repurposed for future use. Additionally, it doesn’t need to be repainted – and certain types of paint can emit some not-so-great gasses. So choosing vinyl is good for the environment, too!

We hope you learned more benefits of vinyl siding. If you’re reconsidering a remodel and want to include vinyl siding into the equation then give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!