Patio Covers 101

One of the most underrated additions someone can make to their home are patio covers. Sounds weird, right; but you’d be surprised. Touching up your patio area and adding a cover can give you up to a 90% return – which is sky-high compared to other improvements that you can make. 

If you’re considering a patio cover, here are some basic things you should know before you take the plunge. Let’s jump right in!

Know what they are

There are a lot of different structures you can use to add some shade to your yard. Pergolas and retractable awnings can perform some of the same functions. What makes patio covers different is that they are permanent structures that can be either free-standing or connected to your home. Posts will hold up the cover so you have shade without blocking out any potential breeze. 

Knowing your materials

Before you buy a patio cover know what kinds of materials are out there – as what you choose will significantly impact your budget. For example, wood can look great, but it’s expensive and tough to maintain. Aluminum is inexpensive and easy to maintain, but might not be as aesthetically pleasing as wood. Vinyl is a happy medium in that it’s not as durable as aluminum, but certainly more so than wood. It can however, crack and fade over time. 

Does it fit with your home?

The single most important aspect of a home’s value is its curb appeal. You want a patio cover that’s going to add to it, not detract – and the wrong cover can become an eyesore. Make sure you’re taking into consideration the design of your home and how your cover will impact it. 

What’s the purpose?

Remember what the purpose of the patio cover is going to be. It’ll provide shade when the sun’s too strong and keeps rain from ruining your parties. And remember that things like color can impact your experience as well. Lighter colors will reflect heat away while darker colors will retain it and heat the space. Make sure you take these things into consideration!

Hopefully, today’s blog gives you a nice starting point as you consider whether a patio cover is right for your home. If you need advice or would like to learn more, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!