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Myths associated with window replacement

Window replacement myths have had, shall we say – a rather tumultuous game of telephone go on over the past couple of years where one person’s experience turns into commonly shared bad advice. For people who are just trying to figure out what end is up when it comes to window replacement – it can make the process that much more frustrating. 

Today, we’re going to discuss a few of the really bad ones floating out there so you can make a better, more responsible decision for you and your home. Let’s jump right in.

Most windows are pretty much the same

Not only are no two homes alike, but you can 100% bet that no two windows are alike. Finding the right model for your home means way more than just copying whatever it is that your neighbor decided to use. Depending on your budget, the home’s style, make, model and a whole other swath of factors – what windows one homeowner chooses might be totally different from the next. 

You need to make the best decision for your home based on a variety of varying factors. Not merely choosing a brand of window just because you like the aesthetic appeal. 

Windows don’t change your home’s energy bill

Yes, windows will help you save money on your energy bill.

But they won’t if your door is drafty and that’s not replaced. Or if your home isn’t well insulated. Not one, single fix will provide you with one, single magic bullet. But that aside, reported that the average homeowner who installed energy-efficient windows saved around $500 in energy costs (heating and cooling) in their home. Many homeowners saved more. 

DIY will save you money

Trust us when we tell you that there’s a whole swath of projects out there that you can do on your own. Countless, to be honest. Window replacement is not one of them. 

You can cause a lot of harm to your home – structurally, aesthetically and perhaps more important than all of that – harm to yourself. Professionals might make it look easy – but the reality is it’s far from that. Each home is unique and has its own quirks and challenges that come with it.

To put it as succinctly as possible – there are going to be things in even the most straight-forward window replacement that you won’t be able to prepare yourself for just by watching a youtube video. Call a pro and let them handle the job. 

If you’re looking to add new windows to your mobile home, don’t take the decision lightly. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help walk you through the process. Until then, hopefully this blog on window replacement myths helps dash some myths that are out there and helps to bring some decisions into a little bit clearer focus. Good luck!