3 mobile home improvement projects that have a high ROI

Understanding a mobile home improvement project

Here’s what you need to know about your next mobile home improvement project. Owning a mobile home brings with it a lot of advantages – and a high return on investment is certainly one of them. However there will come a time where you’ll want to put in a little something extra into your mobile home improvement project. 

Choosing the right mobile home improvement project for your mobile home can be tricky for some, and that’s what we’re here to discuss today. We’re going to give you a little inspiration by suggesting a few improvement ideas with an exceedingly high return on investment so that you can rest assured knowing that what you’re putting into your home, you can get back out ten fold. 

Let’s jump right in.

Small kitchen remodels

Now you want to be a little careful here because in terms of the cost – kitchen remodels can go from 1-100 quickly. However- keeping it simple – like adding new cabinets, counter tops or energy efficient cooktops – are relatively inexpensive, useful to you during your time in the home – and will surely be valuable to whomever you decide to sell the home to. 

In addition, it just makes the kitchen look a little more modern. Best of all – none of these projects will require all that much in terms of regular and on-going maintenance, which is a key in terms of figuring out which projects are best for you. 

Wooden decks

Everyone loves to have an outdoor space where they can relax. To a lot of folks – it’s a hallmark of the American dream. For years, people mostly avoided replacing decks as they were seen as a luxury. And at the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic a few years ago – that initially held fast – as most people were focusing on life-essential spaces like the kitchen, roofs, etc. But then that began to change as more people stayed home, began working from home and the like. Spaces like the deck have become more important to people, particularly in warmer areas of the country. 

While decks, like kitchens – can get pricey if you’re not careful; You’ll get a lot out of them – and on a recent list of most desired household amenities for home buyers – a deck as creeped into the top five. Mobile home decks are usually a little smaller, so you might find yourself with some real, genuine value here – and even better – whole lot of enjoyment as well!

Replacing the front door

Features gets tours but the front porch is what usually sells a home every single time. Purchasing a home is very much a gut-feel proposition for most buyers and what they see out front is usually the most impactful impression they get from a home. And you know what makes the front of a home really sing? The door.

How crazy are people about doors? Put it this way – a small New England town raises their money for their local historical society every year by selling a calendar. What’s the theme? Doors. 

Now replacing your door isn’t just a good idea for aesthetic purposes – it can also have a lot of practical uses as well – including saving on energy and utilities every month. 

Hopefully this helps set some wheels of inspiration off in your head. Choose one of these projects and we guarantee you’ll see a return. If you’re looking for help or someone to help you execute these projects, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!