Affordable mobile home remodeling ideas

Mobile home remodeling ideas on a budget

With housing and energy costs about as high as they’ve collectively been in years, many folks are turning to mobile home remodeling as viable options. While there used to be a stigma attached to them, that’s worn off in the last decade or so and they’ve now become one of the fastest growing housing trends in the country – which makes them the exception, not the rule. 

However, some people are buying older units and refurbishing. Like house flipping, but without the flip. Today, we’ll share some budget-friendly ideas for your mobile home remodeling. Let’s jump right in.


In a traditional home, the roof over your head is most certainly one of the costliest (also necessary) investments you can make in your home. In mobile homes, they’re pretty cheap. First off you’re not dealing with significant pitch and grading issues – and you’re also talking about a lower surface area. A top of the line roof might run you only a couple thousand dollars. 

In addition – mobile home roofs tend to be pretty resilient – so you may not even need to get a new roof – you might just be able to get away with a more comprehensive cleaning to free up obstructions and free up the flow of water and the like. You might even be able to use liquid sealant to fix any common leaking issues you might have. 

Interior walls

If there’s anything mobile homes are known for (infamous for) – it’s those old 70s/80s wood panels and interior walls that, well – aren’t exactly easy on the eyes. The good news is that interior walls are incredibly easy – and affordable to replace. You can buy plywood panels that are printed with patterns, smooth drywall and the like.

Just simply adding a simple, more modern and basic look can boost the value of your mobile home ten fold – seriously outpacing what you’re likely to pay for the improvement itself. 


Nothing takes a beating in a mobile home like the flooring. Also – nothing tends to look worse – especially if there’s been some wear and tear over the years. Wood flooring can look great, but it’s seriously costly – even in a mobile home. Instead, consider some vinyl and laminate options – especially if you’re redoing the kitchen or bathroom areas. Carpeting can work for the main space as well – and biding your time and being selective can pay dividends. 

Hopefully today’s blog gives you a little inspiration for your next mobile home improvement project. If you have an idea and need a pro, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!