What you should be thinking about before installing storm windows

Storm windows installation

Brand new storm windows definitely have their advantages, but they can be extremely costly. Lots of people don’t understand that by simply installing new storm windows, you can get many of the energy savings of new windows at a substantially better price. That makes them an increasingly attractive option for homeowners. 

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the things you should know before installing storm windows – some of the do’s and don’ts – so that you can make the best possible decision for yourself. Let’s jump right in!

How they’re installed

If you choose to install these windows, you’ll have to choose which KIND of storm window you want – interior or exterior. However, this is kind of a false choice as the construction of your windows will largely dictate which option you are going to have to take. 

Exterior storm windows help boost curb appeal and will enable you to open and close windows at will all throughout the calendar year. Interior storm windows are mostly un-noticeable from the outside and are intended more as a seasonal measure. While there’s slightly less utilitarian and aesthetic value, they are substantially easier and less costly to install. 

Don’t skimp on quality

The cost of these windows can vary greatly, but we recommend that you make sure that you have the following four features, without question. You’ll want multiple positioning stops so you can regulate air flow. You’ll want quality weather stripping to help save on energy costs. Make sure your windows have predrilled holes so that installation is easier. And last but not least – that they’re easy to remove for cleaning.

If you get those four features – you’ve got a good storm window. 

Be cognizant of the materials used

Storm windows usually come in wood, aluminum and vinyl. But these all come with many positives and negatives. Wood looks the best, but is also the least durable. Aluminum frames are lightweight, durable and require less maintenance – but they don’t insulate as well as the other two. Vinyl requires the least maintenance, comes in a variety of colors and fits, but also becomes brittle over time and may require replacement. At the end of the day, it simply comes down to your budget and your home’s specific needs. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what storm windows can do for your home, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!