All about maintaining hurricane shutters

Hurricane shutters are your first line of defense against the elements here in Florida. However, just like anything else you own – they won’t work properly if you don’t take care of them. Today’s blog is going to be all about what you can do to care for your hurricane shutters and get the most out of your investment. Let’s jump right in!

Get your windows inspected once a year

You should get your hurricane windows inspected at least once a year – preferably before hurricane season begins. This way, you’ll know that everything is in working order for the time of year that you’ll need them the most. 

Inspectors will look for any motors and cranks that aren’t working as well as care for dents and missing/broken slats. While these are things you can monitor on your own, they’re best left to a professional who can repair some of these issues before they become major problems. 

Get any problems fixed

Like we just said – one of the most important things you can do if there is a problem with your hurricane shutters is to get them fixed immediately. Don’t put it off. If a motor or crank needs replacing, replace it. If your switches or sensors aren’t working, get them fixed. 

The truth is that 90% of the issues you’ll have with hurricane windows can be solved with simple repairs. But in the event that a shutter is severely damaged, don’t ignore it. Especially if it’s in the off-season, it’s imperative that you replace any shutters that may be damaged in order to prevent property damage. 

What you can do on your own

While we generally advise you to still make sure your shutters are being looked after every year by a professional, there are absolutely things that you can do to take the edge off on your own. 

Obviously the best thing to do is just to be proactive. Just generally keep an eye on your shutters and make sure there isn’t any kind of rust, dents or malfunctions. Make sure you’re doing things like removing leaves and any debris that gets stuck behind the shutters. 

In fact, it’s not a bad idea that every six months or so, you open up your shutters to make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to. And of course, once a year it’s a good idea to do a quick clen. These are hurricane shutters which aren’t exactly a designer feature of your home; but they are important nonetheless and keeping them free of mildew is advisable. 

The one thing you never want to have happen is for your hurricane shutters to malfunction before a big storm is scheduled to hit. Get your windows inspected and be proactive around your home and you should be in great shape. If you have any questions about your hurricane shutters or need professional advice about a potential repair, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!