How you can prepare for a new window installation

So you’ve taken the plunge and you’ve decided to replace old glass and start a new window installation. You’ve hired a contractor, chosen your new windows and you’re ready to go! So now what? 

Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the things you can do to best prepare for a new window installation in your home. Following these tips will help make the process go as smoothly and as efficiently as possible and hey – you’ll feel like you’re pitching in a little, too! Let’s jump right in!

Not everything will go at once

When windows are installed, not all of the old windows are removed at once. Why not? Because there’s not much of a practical benefit to doing so. Contractors will take out one or two at a time, inspect and then repair the wall opening. Once those are done, they’ll move onto the next ones. It’s not simply a dramatic sweep through your home. 

Remove shades, curtains and the like

Be sure the areas on, in and around your windows are cleared – especially (we really, really can’t emphasize this enough) if there are valuables nearby. Not only does this protect your stuff, but it’ll keep things out of the way of your contractors, making it easier for them to get to work immediately. 

Clear a path

Installing windows can be a bit of a messy process depending on the makeup of your home, so make sure that there are clear pathways to whichever section of windows your contractor is working on at that given period of time. They’ll be using tools, equipment, hauling in new windows in, old windows out – and a whole bunch of stuff. Make sure they have a clear, direct path to where they need to go so they’re not needlessly dragging things all over your home. 

Beware of the dust

Ask your contractor up front if they’re planning on bringing dust covers and if they’re not – go make the investment in some yourself. Like we said – depending on the makeup of your home, installing windows isn’t the cleanest of jobs. While most contractors will do a bang-up job of cleaning up, it’s best to make sure any nice furniture or things you care about keeping clean stay that way, so make sure you make the investment. 

Kids and pets

Kids and pets should be kept away from any work area for safety reasons. Pets tend to get very uneasy when they see strangers in your home, and even uneasier when they see things in disarray. Kids are curious and will want to watch, ask questions and see what’s going on. We love animals and we love kids, but keeping them away from the workspace is in everyone’s best interests. 

Go over your paperwork

Don’t let details slip through the cracks. Because details turn into expenses and details turn into conflict more often than not. Read through all your documentation no matter how boring it might be and of course – ask questions! Clear any issues up front. 

If you’re looking to install windows and you’re looking for a St Petersburg window contractor, then give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and walkthrough as to how the process works for a window installation. Until then, good luck!