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The benefits of vinyl siding

The benefits of vinyl siding has changed a lot over the years. Back in the 50s and 60s – when aluminum siding reigned supreme – vinyl siding had earned more or a less a bad reputation for being an inferior material that was notorious for cracking and sagging. However, today’s vinyl siding is substantially different. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, vinyl has now become used in almost a third of all new home construction – a trend that’s only increased over time. 

If you’re considering a home remodel of your own, vinyl siding should be on your list of things to get. Here are just a few of the many benefits that vinyl siding can afford your home. 

It costs less

Not only is vinyl siding durable, but it’s extremely cost effective. In many cases, it costs about a third as much ass other siding materials. According to cost helper, you’re looking at a cost savings of $1-$1,250 per 1250 square feet. It’s hard to beat that!


Vinyl siding can be used in a wide range of ways and in comes in an even greater variety of looks. There’s hundreds of colors and textures to choose from. Do you like the look of cedar but prefer the qualities of vinyl? Then you can find a vinyl option that looks authentic. In addition, vinyl siding also comes in both vertical and horizontal orientations, so it can fit any kind of home. 


Vinyl siding can take a real beating. Whether it’s heavy wind from hurricanes, impact from hail and even debris – vinyl siding keeps on chugging! In addition, vinyl is resistant to heavy moisture, meaning you won’t have to worry about things like rot and corrosion over time. In addition, most vinyl siding comes with a lifetime warranty that can be prorated up to 50 years for subsequent owners. 

Maintenance free

The best thing about vinyl is you can essentially install it and forget about it. It resists pests, termites, rot, mold and all sorts of other issues that are simply par for the course when it comes to other materials. You also don’t have to worry about things like painting your home. A simple cleaning every few years will be more than enough to maintain its looks. 

It’s energy efficient

Everyone wants to save on their energy bills and vinyl siding as a great way to do just that. While most homes have insulation between walls, studs within the walls bleed heat. Insulated vinyl siding places a blanket of protection over those studs, keeping your home warmer in the winter and especially for us folks down here in the Largo, FL area – cooler in the summer. It’ll also save you in tax credits as it’s eligible for a number of options. 

If you’re considering vinyl siding, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a free consultation. Until then, good luck with your search!