All about doors and your mobile home

Believe it or not, when people think of ‘curb appeal’ and the overall value of their mobile home doors, they seldom consider the role that their door plays. Buying the perfect door for your home is extremely important. 

With that being said, with all the options out there, buying a door can quickly become overwhelming. Today, we’re going to help lift some of that pressure by offering up a few tips and a quick, introductory guide that you can use to help bring the ideal front door into a little clearer focus. Let’s jump right in!

All about elegance: wood doors

Exterior wooden doors give mobile home doors a traditional, colonial look that is sure to help your property pop. Being heavy and thick, wooden doors are both sturdy and secure. That aside, they can tend to be expensive and costly to maintain. You’ll have to stain them and wrapping and rotting can be a common problem. All things considered though, so long as you’re willing to put in a little extra elbow grease – wooden doors are an outstanding addition to your home. 

Nothing is stronger: steel doors

If security and durability are important to you, then steel doors are the way to go. They’re harder to kick in, difficult to dent and almost impossible to bend. They’re also resistant to fire, warping and cracking. In addition – some of the designs can give you a lot of the aesthetic appeal of wood – without the hassle of maintaining it. They’re a great option if you’re out there looking for a simple, but elegant solution. 

A little bit of both: Fiberglass mobile home doors

Fiberglass can give you all of the aesthetic details of wood without breaking the bank like you would with steel. Fiberglass is incredibly easy to maintain, meaning you won’t be spending extra money on it over time. In addition, they’re also energy efficient – so if going green is a priority in your home, these are great options. The foam insulation that comes with many of these doors will also help save you a few pennies on heating and cooling bills in the more extreme temperature seasons. 

Add ons and the like

Handles, knockers and mail slots are all things that you can include in your front door. These features can all add. Change and impact the overall performance and aesthetics of your door; so do be mindful of your choices. While some of these features may detract from the functionality of your door, they can make up for the loss in functionality with real, genuine aesthetic appeal that can eventually pay off. Don’t sell your add ons short. 

If you’re ready to add new mobile home doors to your house, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!