Four renovation ideas for your mobile home

Updating your mobile home is a great way to not only increase its value but also give it a more personalized, unique feel. This month, we’re going to share with you four renovation ideas for your mobile home – and perhaps inspire you when it comes time to think about remodeling your mobile home.

Redoing the paneling

If there’s anything we dislike – it’s wood paneling – and we find tons of it in mobile homes we work on. Thankfully, there are several ways you can affordably update your walls without having to break the bank.

If you’re up for a bigger project, removing the paneling altogether and replacing it with drywall is an option. You can also simply elect to spruce up the paneling. Many folks like to sand down the paneling to bring out its grainy qualities and really transform the overall look and feel of the interior of your home.

Celling issues

One simple drawback to owning a mobile home is that the roof is flat. When you get a flat roof, water collects in certain places and can drip into the ceiling causing damage and rot.

One important renovation you can make is to improve your roof drainage issues and repair your ceiling. While roof replacement can be an option, drainage is your real issue, here and making this improvement not only improves the safety and quality of the home, but also can also brighten your home’s appearance and improve its aesthetic qualities as well.

Upgrading your fixtures

More often than not, fixtures like knobs, handles, doors; faucets and the like are outdated and need to be replaced. Upgrading them can give your home a genuine modern feel. The only trick is that in doing so, you make sure that your fixtures are appropriate for a mobile home as fixtures in traditional homes can vary greatly from those in mobile ones.

Removing walls

One of the very best things about mobile homes is that there is rarely any load-bearing walls or beams that you have to worry about during a renovation. Because of that, you can be a lot more creative when it comes to renovating your space. Remodeling in the interior of your mobile home can free up space and transform those claustrophobic rooms into more expansive, roomier, more comfortable spaces.

Renovating your mobile home can be a great experience and can transform even most dowdy of mobile homes into a fresh, revitalized space that you’re happy to live in. When you make the decision as to whether or not you’ll be renovating your mobile home, we hope you keep us in mind because of these renovation ideas. Good luck!