The hidden benefits of metal roofs

Metal roofs are an excellent addition to your home almost no matter what, but here are some off the radar reasons for you to think about taking the plunge and buying one that you might not think of at first.

Cost control

Because metal roofs don’t really degrade the way most roofing materials do – a properly installed and inspected metal roof will end the worry as to what or when you’ll set a roofing budget again. Metal roofs often last for 30 or more years, so the likelihood of you having to worry about making another investment will be eliminated over the long terms. Especially if you’ve invested in your forever home, this will be a good way to maximize your profit over the long haul.

Lower weight

As structures get older, the lower weight of a metal roof can help guard against the movement of a particular structure – especially in areas where you might have to grapple with the possibility of seismic activity. Metal roofs are the lowest weight residential options on the market today and can allow you to not only install over any other surface material, but avoid having to un-install other materials like asphalt, shingle and the like.

Recycled content

Depending on the product you choose, a metal roof should be made from recycled content at a 35-95% clip. Not only is this good for the environment and save energy – but in the long run, when a metal roof finally outlives its own usefulness, the roof itself will be readily recyclable.

Peace of mind

Most metal roofs rely on things like failure-prone sealants and chemicals in order to function at a high level – especially in places like flashings, dead valleys and transitions. With metal roofing, you won’t have to worry about these issues as they’re far less prone to gaps, breaks and the like.

Beauty and aesthetics

Not many people put metal roofs and ‘looking good’ in the same sentence, but especially as environmentally conscious design becomes more and more in vogue, people are rethinking how they see metal roofs as a component that’s essential to aesthetic beauty. In places like northern New England, the upper Midwest and the like – places where snow is a fact of day to day life and architecture – designers are now paying attention to things like how to maximize the attractiveness of metal roofs and finding ways to present them in spectacular new ways. Metal roofs used to just be a thing that was a mater of function. Now they’re a matter of form as well.

Identifying the pros and cons of a metal roof for your home really just comes down to weighing the totality of your options. If you’re looking for something that last longer and adds ultimate value to your home over a long, extended period of time, then a metal roof may be for you. Contact us today.