The basics of hurricane shutters

Hurricane shutters basics are important if you live in an area like ours. If you live in Florida – or any area affected by hurricanes – you should always take the necessary steps to protect your home from the worst.  Now that being said – maybe just moved down from up north and this whole thing is new to you. Perhaps you don’t know the slightest thing about what you need. If you’re new to all this, well then today’s blog is for you.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the things you’ll want to take into consideration when you purchase hurricane shutters. Let’s jump right in!

No, plywood is not a solution for hurricane shutters

We’re sure you’ve seen the news clips of people boarding up their homes before a major storm on the news and while that’s certainly better than doing nothing – it’s not an appropriate or necessarily effective – long term solution. Yes, they’ll cover up your windows, but that’s about all they’ll do. Hurricane windows are designed to resist the elements that hurricanes throw up against them. Plywood is not. So avoiding the issue and leaving it to chance can end up costing you far more in the long run than the cost of some window shutters. 

There are a lot of options to choose from. Do your homework

Some folks just think of hurricane shutters as ugly aluminum panels when in reality – they’re anything but.  Hurricane shutters come in quite literally – an endless number of makes and models. Some are functional and strong, others are a little more aesthetically pleasing – but at the end of the day – both will get the job done to varying degrees. There are roll shutters, bahama shutters, automatic shutters – there’s all sorts of options for you to choose from.

So when you make the decision to finally take the plunge, be sure to do your homework and find a shutter that will work for both you and your home. 

Hurricane shutters require maintenance

Hurricane shutters basics are an important part (if not THE most important part) of your defense against a storm. Make sure everything is in good working condition. Get them cleaned and regularly maintained – and if you don’t have the time to do it, make sure you hire a professional to do so. Just like anything, Hurricane Shutters can deteriorate over time, so be sure you’re giving them the care and attention they deserve. 

Always have a pro install them

While there are a whole host of projects you can certainly take on yourself – hurricane shutters basics is not one of them. Why? Because there’s too much at stake. Make sure that you hire someone who knows what they’re doing to perform the installation. That way, not only can you rest assured that your windows will work, but that you’ll be protected from any unforeseen issues that may arise in the future. 

If you’re thinking about installing and understanding hurricane shutters basics for your home, be sure to meet with professionals. They’ll not only help you weed through the details, but they can help a strong solution come into a clearer focus. And if you’re in the Largo, FL area, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation! Until then, good luck.