The benefits of owning a carport

There’s a more affordable way to project your vehicle and add some versatility to your home – and that’s a carport. Most Americans leave their cars outdoors and exposed to the elements. Others, elect to get involved with expensive projects like building an entire garage in order to protect their vehicles. Not only can a carport protect against the elements, but it can substantially increase the value of your home. Here are some reasons for you to consider a carport for your home. Let’s jump right in!


The first reason is fairly obvious – you want your car to be protected! After all, the skies aren’t always sunny here in Florida! Overexposure to the elements can cause a car’s paint to fade, wind can cause damage and falling objects can scuff the surface. Parking under a carport offers protection that will keep your car in better condition. 


On the ‘completely aesthetic’ side of things; while Florida is an awesome place to live – there’s nothing worse than getting into a baking hot car and anyone who lives here will tell you – it’s real. Your car will be at a more manageable temperature – and even on rainy days, you won’t have to worry about getting soaked before climbing in your car. 


Just like garages, carports can be used for more than just parking vehicles. They can give you a workspace, offer up storage and in some cases – can become an impromptu party patio. Especially if you live in something like a mobile home or a smaller house – the versatility of the carport is what can make it such a valuable addition. 


The versatility we just discussed has one other residual benefit – and that’s the overall value you get for your investment. Garages are expensive undertakings and having a carport can be a clever way to help increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value without breaking the bank. 

In addition, carport designs have come a long way. They’re not just ugly, four legged structures anymore. They come in a variety of looks and feels depending on what you’re going for. Don’t count them out!

If you’re thinking about adding a carport to your mobile home, our professionals can help. If you’re interested in learning more about what a carport project would look like for your home, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then, good luck!