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Hurricane windows and insurance benefits

Hurricane windows insurance guide

One of the best investments you can make is to invest in hurricane windows. Not only will they protect your home, but they can help you save some money as well. Specifically when it comes to homeowners insurance. Let’s find out how!

As many of us in Florida know – hurricanes can do an indescribable amount of damage to your property. Homeowners insurance certainly helps, but just hoping insurance will cover the damage isn’t enough and not any kind of reasonable strategy to combat the damage. 


Adding additional levels of protection will actually help you get discounts on your homeowners insurance. One of the best ways to do that? Installing hurricane windows. These  are specially treated and reinforced windows that can stand up to hurricane force winds and add a significant layer of protection to your home. 

Certain areas (see us here in Florida) are extremely prone to hurricanes and because of that, insurance companies are legally required to provide protected home discounts. Windows and doors are the most vulnerable points in your home that can cause significant damage.

It might sound crazy but in some cases we’ve seen situations where hurricane impact windows have saved people up to $10k in insurance a year. Depending on the specific places you live you might qualify for certain programs that could cut your premiums in half. 

How can you get these discounts

Every insurance company is different. Some have high threshold levels for these discounts, while others don’t. The best way to figure out if you qualify is to simply ask. Some companies may have a wind mitigation application for you to fill out which will need to be completed by a home inspector. Once that’s done, you submit the application and the insurance company will take things from there. 

Depending on some other factors you may even qualify for other deductions like discounts for multiple products and policies with the same company, loyalty discounts for long-time customers, newer homes built to modern standards, alarms, security locks and the like. As always – policyholders with questions should contact their insurance agents to make sure they’re getting the proper credit. 

So if you’ve installed hurricane windows on your property – give your insurance company a call. You might be able to save an incredible amount of money in the process – maybe enough so that your windows almost pay for themselves. Good luck!