How to time your hurricane window installation

Hurricane window installation guide

One of the trickier things to do as a homeowner is figuring out not just what to prioritize when it comes to hurricane window installation projects, but also when during the year you should do them. Even for folks here in the Tampa, FL area, it can seem like a little bit of a balancing act. 

Today, we’re going to talk about the best time of year to install your hurricane window installation. On the whole, we recommend getting them installed sometime in the fall or winter – and we’ve  got some reasons for that, which you’ll see here below. Let’s jump right in!


Believe it or not, the winter months here in Florida tend to be less rainy – which seems like a crazy thing to say when places like Miami averages 60 inches of rain a year. Most of that rain however – comes between May and October – which understandably – is right in the middle of hurricane season. That precipitation drops off a table in November – as we only average about 2-3 inches from November through to the Spring. 

And if you know anything about home improvement projects in the winter – the dryer the weather – the better and the more quickly and efficiently your project will get completed. 

Better temperatures

Like we alluded to above, when you get heat and precipitation involved with any home improvement project, it can have a significant impact. In the winter and fall not only do we get less rain, but temperatures are generally cooler. This not only makes it more comfortable to do the work, but it makes for significantly safer conditions. 


Fall and winter are considered ‘off-peak’ times in the home improvement calendar. Why? No one really knows, but it’s mostly just a product of supply and demand. Demand to build begins in the spring which means that the closer you get to hurricane season, the busier contractors are, the harder it is to find materials and the longer your wait will be. All these things add up to additional expenses you might not be able to take on. 

On the flip side, there’s less demand for these things in the fall, so supplies will be more abundant and contractors aren’t as tied up with other projects. This means that in most cases – you’ll pay significantly less to get your hurricane windows installed. 

Plan ahead

Installing hurricane windows is like any other home improvement project. The more thorough your research, the more time you put in and the better your plan is – the smoother the project will go. Don’t wait until there’s a hurricane in the forecast. If you have, it’s too late. 

Hopefully today’s blog will help you plan a little more effectively when it comes time to install your windows. If you need help or want some more advice, feel free to give us a call today and we’ll be sure to help. Until then – Good luck!