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Mobile Home Remodeling On A Budget

Mobile home remodeling on a budget takes some planning. Remodeling projects always seem like they’re pricey, but when it comes to your mobile home – they don’t have to be. Remodeling on a budget takes a little bit more prep time and a little bit more attention to detail than usual, but in the end you’ll find the results are worth the added effort.

Here are some budget-friendly ways for you to get the most out of your next remodeling projects. Let’s jump right in.



First impressions are both lasting and meaningful, particularly when it’s time to sell your home. One upgrade that can pack a ton of punch is new siding. There are a plenty of low-cost/high quality options for a mobile home but most important – it might just be as effective to work with what you already have. Maybe the siding needs a fresh coat of paint. Maybe a power washing is all you need to make your home really pop from the curb. Whatever it is – there are ways you can give your home its groove back.


If there was anything we felt like – on the whole – our customers take for granted in terms of the overall value of a project – it would be when it comes to skirting. Skirting – even with the best materials – costs very little and dramatically impacts the overall curb appeal and value of your home.

With mobile homes, this is doubly important. Most mobile homes are either set on a solid foundation or over a slab. This helps cover that up and give your home a more natural looking appearance. A small investment here can go a very long way.


A lot of mobile homes come with a lot of retro stuff – carpeting, old tiling and the like. If you remove that and then add in flooring, it dramatically changes the look and feel of the interior of your mobile home. This is one area where just due to having significantly less area to manage – that you can go with some really high-end options and really transform the personality of your home. What might not have been realistic in a traditional home now makes sense and offers up a ton of value to go along with it.


Mobile homes have (unfairly) earned a reputation for being a wood paneling paradise over the years and truth be told, you’ll likely encounter some in your travels. The good news is that even if you do, you don’t necessarily have to rip those walls out to bring them back to life.

Of course one option is to paint over the paneling and there’s tons of ways you can do that and significantly improve the aesthetic of a particular space. The other thing you can consider – and we hope you’re sitting down – is wallpaper. No, not your Grandpa’s pheasant wallpaper, but modern, textured wallpaper. There are plenty of places that provide it and its presence can make even the most weathered space seem new, fresh and modern.


If you’re thinking about mobile home remodeling on a budget, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then, we hope these tips help! Good luck!