Mobile homes and metal roofs

Metal roofs on mobile homes

One of the most popular forms of roofing systems in the US are metal roofs. Most of the time you’ll tend to see them up north – particularly places like northern New England – largely due to the sheer amount of snow many of those places get. But they’re becoming even more popular down here in the Tampa, FL area and all over the south, really. 

And there’s a few reasons for that – many of which we’ll discuss here today. Today, we’ll discuss what some of those benefits are and why they might be a great option for your mobile home. Let’s jump right in!

They’re incredibly durable

Metal roofs are impact resistant. Metal roofs are fire resistant. Metal roofs last a long time. Actually -a  really, really long time. Most kits can last anywhere from 40-60 years. So not only do you get the protection from the sometimes harsh elements we experience here – you also don’t have to think about installing another roof again for, well… you probably won’t have to ever again provided you stay in that home. These roofs are built to last. 

Money’s a big factor

So the downside is here, but it ends up being mostly a benefit in the long run and that’s that metal roofs are really expensive up front – sometimes in upwards of 20-30% more than other systems and that’s before labor, etc. However – the expense you eliminate long-term is significant. 

For one, you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance. Shingle roofs flake, peel and crack and will have to get maintained and looked at eventually. They also last half the time (around 20 years) that metal roofs do. So not only are you eliminating maintenance fees, you’re also looking at the cost of one more expensive roof vs. two moderately expensive roofs. 

Remember why you got into your mobile home to begin with – for the value. When you look at things like this – it gets less scary.

Hidden benefits

While the durability and financial benefits are in plain sight – other benefits are not. Metal roofs are hugely popular with insurance companies as well – especially when you’re in disaster prone places like Florida. You may find discounts as high as 35% for homes with metal roofing, which means that’s just more money in your pockets. And if your provider won’t – use it as leverage to switch to a provider who does. 

Also – real estate is rarely seen as a purchase and more as an investment. We all hope to sell our home for more than what we paid for it. As such, metal roofs could significantly boost the value of your home. According to home guides – average return on investment for the cost of a metal roof is around 86% on resale and adds about 6% or so to the overall value of your home. These are the kinds of things that add up!

We hope you found today’s blog helpful! If you’re looking to invest in a metal roof for you home, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!