Why people are choosing aluminum windows

Aluminum windows, a how to guide

For a number of years aluminum windows had a bit of a bad rap out on the ole streets. In fact, they used to get compared a lot to school windows – large, cumbersome but hardly aesthetically pleasing. A lot has changed over the years and technology has evolved  in a way where aluminum windows are now arguably one of – if not THE most popular window system in the country right now. 

Why is that? Well that’s what we’re here to unpack today. Here are some of the reasons that aluminum windows are so popular and why they might be the perfect solution for you and your home. Let’s jump right in!

Little maintenance required

Look, we’re all adults here – so we know that with anything in life and particularly your home – maintenance costs and time spent are just part of the ebb and flow of home ownership. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like getting as much time back into our lives as possible! Aluminum windows are durable, are weather resistant and to be honest – outside of wiping finger prints off the panes – you’re not going to have to do a whole heck of a lot in order to keep them looking and performing well. 


Modern and classical aesthetic

Like we said above – aluminum windows used to be bulky, clunky and well, large. Now – they look like any other window design. If you own a modern home – you can go sleek and modern. If you own an old home, you can go for a far more classic look, without compromising the integrity of the home’s original appeal. 


Wooden windows and other systems often times need to be painted – and their color and initial zing can fade over time. Aluminum windows maintain their pop for a significantly longer time, offering homeowners far more bang for their buck when it comes to maintaining the curb appeal of the home. And best of all – no painting!


While getting lost in the looks, we sometimes forget the purpose of windows – and that’s to insulate your home and protect it. Aluminum windows frequently come with double or triple pane glass – meaning that not only are they more resistant to breaking but they also insulate better- giving you added  protection and also better insulation. And that can lead to significant cost savings over time. 

If you’re interested in making aluminum windows are part of your home and are in St. Petersburg, FL area – give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – we hope you found today’s blog helpful and we’ll look forward to seeing you again next month!