Hurricane shutters 101: Rolling shutters

If you live in a place where tropical storms and hurricanes are a part of everyday life; then chances are you’re going to want to purchase hurricane rolling shutters for your windows. Not only are these essential towards protecting your home, but they’re important in order to protect you and your family as well.

Like we’ve mentioned the last few months; there are plenty of different styles available out there on the market. Over the last two months we’ve discussed Carolina shutters and accordion shutters. Today – we’re going to discuss one that’s extremely popular – Rolling Shutters.

What are they?

Rolling shutters do precisely what you think they would. They roll up and down over your windows when in use or not in use. They’re extremely effective at protecting against storms but they also come with wide range of other benefits that can make them an outstanding investment for homeowners.

Hidden benefits

A lot of people usually buy rolling shutters for the storm protection aspect but the reality is they can do a lot of other pretty amazing things. For one – they are great at protecting your home from the sun and keeping cool in inside your home. This is big especially when it comes to trying to save on your air conditioning bill – which is a never-ending battle for folks down here in Florida.

In addition – they also help a great deal with noise reduction. Some folks chose to move to Florida to retire. Some folks came here for a good time. And whether it’s a party or keeping the noise from someone else’s good time out of your general orbit; rolling shutters can most certainly do the trick!


The great thing about rolling shutters is that they don’t like bad. Like – not even a little bit bad. They’re neat, simple to use and when you want to roll them up – they’re unassuming and not gaudy. When they roll down, they look just as clean. So it’s pretty great to have something that can both make your home look great and protect you at the same time!

Privacy and security

One great thing about rolling shutters is they can keep you safe and sound. They’re great at preventing things like break-ins largely because they’re fitted so closely to the windows. They’re also outstanding visual deterrents as well – as intruders see them and won’t even bother. While this comes in handy year-round, it’s also doubly handy if you experience a storm where you have to evacuate for a few days. That way you know you can leave your home and it’ll be protected from both the storm and whatever may come immediately after.

If you’re interested in adding rolling shutters to your home, give us a call today! Good luck!