Hurricane Shutters 101: Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Bahama hurricane shutters have been a favorite of the tropics for years. They give you a little bit of everything we like about shutters – protection with a little added flair. They’re popular with homeowners all over the St Petersburg and Tampa Bay area for the same reason they were such a hit in the Caribbean – not only because they’re sturdy, but also that they look great and they’re affordable. In many ways – they’ve become the shutter of choice for homeowners, landlords and new constructions, alike.

Today, we’re going to discuss this shutter and why they might be a great fit for your home. Let’s jump right in!

What are they?

Bahama Hurricane Shutters are a one-piece louvered shutter that’s fixed above your windows. It tilts open to provide light – but a tangible benefit is that it shades your window, keeping excess heat out. Most importantly – they provide serious protection against storms when they’re closed. You can usually buy them in a number of materials – ranging from wood and composite to metal and aluminum.

The good

The obvious and most utilitarian use for Bahama Hurricane Shutters is that they provide serious storm protection. The hinges are on the top of the window and the unit swings down over your window to protect it. They’re easy to use and are thick and durable. They’re strong enough that you won’t need to board up your house during a Hurricane. What would take hours to prepare for, can now take just minutes.

Additionally, Bahama Hurricane Shutters provide a lot of privacy to your home. The way the shutters are designed make it easy for you to see out without someone else looking in. And with the rising popularity of places like Florida, space and privacy is at a premium.

The last big benefit of Bahama Hurricane Shutters is that they help you control shade and light regulation. Especially when you’re dealing with those boiling hot summers. That increased shade can mean a decreased electricity bill to boot.

The bad

The first obvious drawback is that Bahama Hurricane Shutters aren’t as strong as other models – at least insofar as the type of material you choose. Older, more traditional wooden models won’t hold up as well as metal and aluminum models will.

The second drawback is more of an aesthetic one as people might like the amount of shade that Bahama Hurricane Shutters create. While it’s great to beat the heat, sometimes too much dark can put a damper on your overall mood.

And finally – they don’t protect doors so you’ll have to find some other solution to protect the entrances to your home – which could add some expense to your project.

If you’re looking for a shutter that gives you practical protection while also giving you something pretty to look at – Bahama Hurricane Shutters are for you! Contact us today.