Roof overs: the basics

Roof overs roofing systems help homeowners replace an existing roof without having to remove the existing roof first. For folks who are on a budget or looking for a cost-effective option who want the benefits of metal roofing while saving on some of the expense well, then this option is for you. 

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the benefits of a roof over roofing system and how it might work for your home. Let’s jump right in!

Advantages of a roof over

Retrofit systems are great when it comes to maximizing lifespan while minimizing maintenance. Metal roof over systems have significantly longer life spans than other roofing systems and come with a whole host of benefits including:

  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Far more environmentally friendly
  • Better protection from the elements 
  • Dramatically enhanced curb appeal and aesthetic value

All of these are things that can give you the full value of owning a metal roof without having to pay too much for it. 

Installation is easier

Not only will you save money and costs over time, but you’ll save up-front as well. Roofing takes time – things like removing the old shingles, replacing plywood, loading up old shingles, disposing of them – these are all built in expenses into your roofing project. With a roofover, you won’t have to worry about any of this. The roofer will get right to work installing new tiles – meaning your roof will get done quickly. 

And yes, it’ll look good

One of the things you’ll want to do before getting a roof over is to make sure that your roof system doesn’t have any underlying issues, leaks and the like. Once that’s done and the roof looks to be in good shape – you can charge ahead with your roof over. And let us emphasize that it’ll look great. Roof overs look just as good as clean installs and that look can add a tremendous amount of aesthetic and real value to your home, making it a more valuable asset overall. 

Hopefully, this blog answered some of the questions you might have had about roof overs. If you are interested in learning more about what a roof over project would look like for your home, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help walk you through the process. Until then – good luck!