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Why everyone loves vinyl windows

Believe it or not – vinyl windows have been around for a lot longer than people realize. In post-World War II Germany, they were looking for cheap building material and vinyl became the material of choice. From there on out, the idea floated state-side and many of the homes built during the housing boom of the 1950s involved vinyl windows. 

There’s a lot of benefits to choosing vinyl windows – a few of which we’ll discuss today. If you’re looking for a Tampa window replacement – vinyl windows may be for you. Let’s jump right in. 


Especially in places like here in Tampa, FL – extreme weather events can occur and when they do it’s nice to know your windows are built to withstand the elements. Vinyl windows are built to deal with these issues more so than other options. In addition, while wood windows rot, aluminum windows oxidize and fiberglass peels at the corners – vinyl windows won’t get damaged due to the elements – making them an extremely appealing option.

Energy and cost efficient

Energy efficiency and cost efficiency should really go hand in hand because they both impact each other. Older windows can account for up to 40% of your heating and cooling costs because of droughts. Upgrading to vinyl saves you money on your bills and the windows eventually pay for themselves. In addition, It makes for a much more comfortable home when it becomes easier to maintain temperatures. Between saving money, the planet and keeping you and your family more comfortable – vinyl windows are a big win.


Between the shapes, sizes and textures they offer – homeowners can choose from a virtually limitless range of options to fit whatever functional and aesthetic needs their homes may have. In addition – because they’re so inexpensive, folks will have a whole range of selections regardless of what price point or budget you have. 

Low maintenance

Look, if you’re like most homeowners, you’ve got enough to worry about when it comes to maintaining your home. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with it all. However, other than the occasional cleaning, vinyl windows are incredibly low maintenance. We’re sure you have enough to do – so spend what time you have left with the people who matter and spend less of it wondering and worrying about your windows. 

As you can see, these windows present a wide range of options for a homeowner to choose from. If you’re in the Tampa area and want to replace your windows, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then, good luck!