Is it time for window replacement?

For most homeowners it can be difficult to figure out when you need window replacement – particularly in older homes. There’s also the matter of whether or not they should simply just get repaired. Today, we’re going to help you identify the signs that it’s time for a replacement and what you need to look for when it comes time to call a window contractor and make it happen. Let’s jump right in.

They’re not doing their job!

Simply put, it’s time to replace windows when they’re not doing their job. Is the temperature inconsistent in your home? Are your energy bills all over the map? Are you beginning to smell possible mold? Are windows difficult to close and/or open? Then chances are – it’s time for new windows!


Severely damaged windows are subject to the elements, and particularly in salty, warm places like Tampa Bay, it’s only a matter of time before said exposure causes additional damage to not only the remaining window, but the surrounding area and frame. Long story, short – damage could lead to many compound factors that result in a full replacement. If the damage is not covered by warranty, then we’d recommend replacing that window. 

Drafts and leaks

We mentioned it a little bit above, but if you begin to feel drafts and leaks – then your windows aren’t doing their job as intended. The draft and comfort issues caused will be annoying, but that draft you’re feeling is more than just air going in and out of your home – it’s money coming out of you wallet! When temperature isn’t kept inside, you can lose heat and/or cool air. When you do that, other things in your home like your HVAC system – need to work overtime and that means more money spent on electricity. 

Are they just plain, old…. Old?

Look. Windows aren’t infallible. They get old. They fail. Any window that is chipped, worn, water stained – are probably ready to go. And while their aesthetics are always cool, windows a little longer in the tooth are more than just a design concern – they may be a safety hazard as well. There’s so many options available on the market today, there’s no use in letting a window get past the point of no return. 

We hope you found today’s blog helpful. If you’re interested in getting your windows replaced, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!