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Why people replace their windows

Most of the time when homeowners go to replace their windows, there isn’t some sort of catastrophic failure with them. And that’s usually the case – there’s no real indicator that’s going to tell you that it’s time replacement barring the obvious. 

So why should you replace your windows if they are seemingly working fine? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss today. Here are some reasons you should give a St. Petersburg Window Contractor a call today and consider replacing your windows. Let’s jump right in!


A lot of the time people lump window replacement into broader renovations and to be honest, this is usually a good idea. Not only is a good idea in terms of saving some cash, but if you’re making significant changes, you’ll want your windows to match the overall new aesthetic of your home. And from a practicality standpoint, you’ll already be thinking about things like airflow, natural lighting and the like, so during a major renovation project is as good a time as any to jump in and do it. 

Resale value

One of the most attractive components of a home are its windows. People choose what homes to buy largely on curb appeal and nice, new windows won’t just help your house really pop to prospective buyers, but they’ll also help add significant value to your home. In most cases ,homeowners can recoup up to 70% of their investment alone when they sell their homes. In the meantime, you’ll get to reap all the reward of living in a more energy efficient home while you still own it. 

Energy efficiency

Speaking of efficiency, recent improvements to technology has dramatically improved the quality of windows in just the last 10 years alone. If you’re looking to control utility costs and take the edge off your financial burden every month, new, energy efficient windows can be the way to go. In addition to the cost savings, the ability to seal in cold and warm air will make for a more controllable environment and more comfortable living conditions. 

Hopefully today’s blog helped make your decision come into a little bit clearer focus. If you are looking for a St. Petersburg window contractor for your next big project, give us a call and we’ll be happy to offer up a free consultation. Until then, good luck!