The advantages of mobile homes

Mobile homes experienced a significant image overhaul over the years. Gone are those images of the late 70s, early 80s and the accompanying jokes. Today, the advantages of mobile homes are becoming – dare we say – a little trendy. Tiny homes and mobile homes are becoming cheap, cost-effective alternatives to what’s become an over-inflated housing market and a wildly out of control rent market.

When it comes to choosing where they’re going to live next – many people are looking to go mobile. Here are some of the reasons for the shift – some of which might give you something to think about. Let’s jump right in!

It’s all about price

Price is always the thing we think about when we think about where we’re going to live. With mobile homes, it costs about $49 per square foot of space. Compared to condos, houses and apartments at $107 per square foot – and that’s a remarkable bargain. Those prices will all vary depending on where you are – but you can’t beat the value.

More for the money

If you’re someone who wants to live in a bigger home, you can actually accomplish that with a mobile home and pay significantly less. For many the decision is pretty simple – why pay $X for a 500 square foot apartment when you can buy a 1,000 square foot mobile home for the same price or a little less?


Mobile homes go up in value over time if you take care of them. According to the Urban Institute, new evidence is even showing us that manufactured homes are appreciating as well as site-built homes. This isn’t a situation where you’re just renting and kissing money goodbye, and it’s not like owning a home where all your budget is going into the mortgage payment. You’ll have the value of your home go up, you’ll be able to comfortably afford maintenance and make investments at a reasonable pace.

You can be you

No more neighbors on the other side of the wall. You can be a little noisier and live life a little bit more like you like to live it. You can put what you want on the walls and make your home uniquely yours. Yes, you might have neighbors, but even if you’re on a lot, you’ll have significantly more space between you and other dwellers and lots more wiggle room when it comes to putting your mark on the local soundscape.

The advantages of mobile homes are as attractive as ever before. Don’t limit yourself to the usual! Contact us today.