Why people buy mobile homes

With real estate prices fluctuating between ‘expensive’ and ‘out of control’ in certain parts of the country, people are turning to mobile homes more and more each year. Long associated with a litany of negative stereotypes in the 70s and 80s, the reason to buy mobile homes are now seen as more sustainable, easier places to live in.

Still – the age-old question of ‘what’s in it for me’ is as relevant today as it’s ever been and we’re sure you’re probably wondering why you should consider mobile homes as an option for you. Lucky for you, that’s exactly the question we’re here today to answer.

Here are some of the most relevant reasons you should be thinking about purchasing a mobile home.

Way more affordable. Way, way, way more affordable

Since the 2008 financial crisis, people have begun to question whether the traditional model of home ownership is worth it. It’s not so much whether real estate is worth it as an investment as much as it is the price we’re paying to make that investment.

When you buy mobile homes you save money in a variety of ways and can give you the kinds of return you’re looking for, quicker. Not only are the costs associated with purchasing a mobile home significantly less, but so are the property taxes. That means a lot less money going to your town and the bank and more of it going into your wallet. Also, your energy costs are also about 30% what they’d be if you were living in a traditional home.

Speaking of which…

They’re more sustainable


Tiny houses, mobile homes – they’re slightly different but they share one, important similarity – they’re far more sustainable. Not only will you save costs because you’ll use less energy, but you’ll save costs on the energy you lose as well. Mobile homes are built using caulking and sealant, which is there to close up any air leaks or gaps. Basically, you’ll have an airtight box that keeps warm and cold air from leaving the space.

Safety to buy mobile homes

One common misconception when you buy mobile homes is that because they’re built at a lower cost, that they’re cheap and flimsy. That’s not true. In fact manufactured homes are built to a national HUD code meaning your home could be built anywhere and the same safety standards still apply.

Also, if you want to build an addition, you won’t be subject to a lot of the subjective standards imposed by local authorities, as HUD laws often override local codes – making standards easier to meet and more universal. In addition, you’ll save a substantial amount on permits, fees and the like.

So from cost of entry, appreciation, energy use, efficiency and safety – it’s looking good to buy mobile homes are a better bet – particularly if you’re looking to get into your first home. Prospective buyers are giving mobile homes a shot and with the bump in popularity comes and whole host of new opportunities. Good luck with your decision! Feel free to reach out for a free consultation.